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Marble Tile Flooring | 3 Important Considerations

If you’re looking to add a classic elegance to your home, floors can pack a big punch. Though hardwood floors are a trend right now, another material that is beautiful, clean and luxurious is marble. Marble tile flooring can give your home a unique and sophisticated look that’s been popular since the times of ancient Greece.

You might think you’ll be in the market for marble floor installation, and eventually will need marble polishing in Las Vegas, NV, but before you jump into purchasing these tiles, there are a few things you should consider to make sure it’s the right choice for your style and home life:

  • Location: Marble can be installed virtually anywhere in a home, but it is generally found in foyers, kitchens, bathrooms or hallways. One thing to keep in mind is that marble can stain if it comes in contact with acidic substances, so you need to be aware of how you use each space. If you put marble in your kitchen, you will need to be vigilant whenever there are spills of things like fruit juice, soda, red wine or coffee. You might want a different flooring option if you have young kids!
  • Durability: With the right care, marble can be very durable. Still, marble is a porous material, which means that it can absorb liquids that can change the stone’s color. One way to ensure the floors look great for a long time is to seal the surface, which fills in any pores in the stone. This sealant works well at preventing stains, but if floors are in a high-traffic area, you may need to reseal annually or every six months.
  • Care: Marble floors are an investment in your property, and even after considering the location and ensuring they’re sealed, you’ll want to keep up with the proper care. If things like dirt and grit are tracked onto the floors and left there, they can be ground into the marble’s surface and cause small scratches that can eventually collect dirt and become noticeable. To prevent this, make sure to clean the floor often with a vacuum, soft broom or damp cloth.

Once you think about the considerations above, you can start having fun and think about what type of marble floor design you’ll install and protect with top-rate marble polishing in Las Vegas, NV. To care for your beautiful floors, you’ll only want the best in service, and Ultimate Finish Stone Tile & Grout Inc. is there to meet your marble floor’s needs. With 20 years of service in the industry, we have made sure marble floors at homes and businesses in the Las Vegas area have looked their best with our expert servicing and top products.

On top of polishing and cleaning, Ultimate Finish Stone Tile & Grout Inc. can fix any scratches in your stone flooring, can install new marble tile flooring and seal them properly to prevent more from forming. Call today to learn more about our other services—we look forward to working with you soon!