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How to Get Scratches Out of Marble Surface

Get Scratches Out of Marble

Marble floor tiles are a favorite form of luxury flooring among homeowners because of the class and sophistication they add to any room. However, though marble surface is a relatively durable material, it is actually more prone to scratches and damage than other types of tiles. Because marble is so much more expensive, it might not be a feasible option to just replace a tile every time it gets scratched, which means you need to know how to get scratches out of the marble surface of your floor.

Fortunately, getting rid of minor scratches isn’t too difficult. Here’s a quick overview of how to do it, from a company that specializes in stone restoration in Las Vegas, NV:

  • Clean the floor: The first step to getting rid of the scratch is to clean the floor tile that got scratched. Get rid of all the dirt and grime on the surface with a soft cloth and a cleaner that is safe to use on stone—not one that’s going to have harsh chemicals or other abrasive materials. Safe cleaners to use are ones that have a neutral pH and no abrasive elements. Look for cleaners specifically labeled as being safe for marble and stone.
  • Steel wool: After you’ve cleaned the marble, scour the area of the scratch with steel wool, and wear gloves while doing so. Try as hard as possible to confine your scouring only to the area that’s been affected by the scratch—otherwise you’ll have more work to do by scouring the areas of the stone that have not been affected.
  • Polish: Next, you’ll clean the tile again to remove any particles of the steel wool or any other pieces of debris that formed as a result of the scouring process. Then you can put some marble polish on a hand buffer and polish the whole tile. The polish you use should come with some instructions that make it easy for you to figure out exactly what you’re doing. Make sure you allow the polish to completely dry before you proceed to the next step.
  • Buff: After the polish is dry, you can use a buffing machine to get your floor to shine like it’s new again. If you do not have access to a buffing machine, you can use a power drill with a buffing attachment. Just make sure the material you’re using in the buffer is soft enough for use on marble—otherwise you could cause further damage to the marble that will be harder to get out. Wear safety goggles so you avoid kicking anything up into your eyes.
  • Wash and dry: Once you’re done buffing, wash the area one more time with distilled water to remove any residue that’s built up, and then dry off the tile with a soft, clean towel.

For more information about how to get scratches out of your marble floor, contact Ultimate Finish Stone Tile & Grout Inc. to learn about our stone restoration in Las Vegas, NV.