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Best Place to Use Marble Floors as an Elegant Design

March 8, 2019

If you want to make marble floors a design choice in your home, then you’re in luck. Marble is classic and elegant, and each tile is unique. You can dress up a lot of rooms with a well-chosen marble floor, but some spaces work better than others.

Check out the quick primer below on the best places to use marble in your home, and in no time you’ll be looking for experts in marble, stone and travertine floor cleaning in Las Vegas, NV to keep your investment looking its best:

  • Bathrooms:

  • A common room for marble floors is a bathroom. Of course, it’s always preferable to have floors that are easy to mop up in a bathroom, rather than carpets, but having marble floors also enhances your design. Why? Well, bathrooms are often fairly limited in terms of décor, but marble floors add enough visual interest on their own to act as a decoration. Because they are so stunning, you’ll want to make them the bathroom’s centerpiece rather than covering them up with extra furniture or fixtures.
  • Dining rooms:

  • A dining room is another space that benefits from marble floors. Most people want their formal dining rooms to have a sophisticated element, as a place to hold dinner parties and entertain. For a dramatic flair, you can choose marble with lots of veining rather than the lighter and more delicate floor tiles people often choose for bathrooms. Consider using a random pattern of tiles with clashing veining to make the floors themselves a conversation starter, and make sure to avoid using area rugs. Though they might offer the floors extra protection, they unfortunately cover up a lot of the beauty in the process.
  • Hallways:

  • Hallways offer a practical space for marble to pack a good design punch without leaving the floors open to a lot of damage. Many people want entryways to have marble tiles, but because they are prone to staining and are easily damaged, it’s not the best choice from a practical standpoint. However, marble works well in hallways, where humidity is low and people are not often walking around with things that could spill and stain the tiles.
  • What to avoid:

  • It’s tempting to put marble into living rooms, kitchens and entryways, but as noted above, marble can be difficult to maintain without sealing it properly, cleaning it regularly and ensuring it is not exposed to any acidic substances that can damage it. You can certainly use marble everywhere in your home, but you’ll need to think deeply about how you use each space to ensure it remains protected.

Once you have your floors installed, make sure to find the best company to offer marble, stone and travertine floor cleaning in Las Vegas, NV. You should be sure to call Ultimate Finish Stone Tile & Grout Inc., which has helped residents and businesses keep their stone floors in top condition since 1999. Call today for more information or to schedule an appointment—we look forward to helping you take care of your high-quality flooring!

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